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Ongoing Projects

CCM Caring Home for Girls

Our Girls’ Home can accommodate fifty girls. These children are provided with an opportunity and environment to help them grow to their full potential with the basic age-specific resources needed for their development. They are housed in a dormitory with separate bedding for each individual. Through our initiative, some of the senior girls, who would have otherwise never had the opportunity, are able to attend college. The Caring Homes approach that we utilize has proven effective in our community despite the poverty, challenging and remote geographical terrain, malnutrition, widespread illiteracy and ethnic clashes between various groups and tribes. This project is recognized by the Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Manipur, under the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India.

CCM Caring Home for Boys

Our Boys’ Home, has a capacity of 50 boys with the following objectives:

  • To nurture every child and provide them with care & protection
  • To indiscriminately help children who have been orphaned, abandoned, abused, are at risk, destitute or who are differently-abled.  

    CCM Adoption Centre

    Another successful project of Compassion Children Ministries that has been recognized by India’s Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Manipur and Ministry of Women and Child Development, is CCM’s Specialized Adoption Agency (SAA). It is the only Adoption Agency in the district that facilitates legal adoption. The children between the ages of 1 day and 6 years are housed here. Once they reach the age of seven, the girls are relocated to CCM Caring Home for Girls and the boys to CCM Caring Home for Boys.

    CCM Fresh Dairy

    It is a Social Entrepreneurship Program, which is also known as the Self Sustainable Pilot Project for the survival of needy children. The slogan for this project is: “Buy Fresh Products at Market Price to Change Someone’s Life.” This project uses a farm to raise livestock and produce both milk and meat products. All proceeds of this project are used for the ongoing needs of our three Caring Homes.

    Compassion Residential Academy

    Compassion Children Ministries (CCM) recognizes that education is a powerful tool for lifting children out of the cycle of poverty and providing them with a brighter future. However, knowing that most children in our community face significant barriers to accessing quality education, CCM has created a free academy to meet these needs for the children, ages 5-14, on our campus.

    This Academy, is a model residential school that was designed to facilitate the needs of orphans, the abandoned and surrendered and those who have dropped out of school. While CCM has yet to construct a physical building for education we believe that quality education can be given anywhere, even ‘under the shadow of tree’.


    1. To provide free education and rehabilitation.
    2. To support the holistic development of children through educational, social, emotional, and spiritual programs that promote their physical and mental well-being and contribute to their future success.
    3. To empower children to break the cycle of poverty and injustice by providing them with the tools, knowledge, and skills needed for a brighter future.

    CCM Organic Kitchen Garden


    • To create awareness and train children to grow their organic herbs and vegetables through ongoing guidance and activities.
    • To introduce advanced farming technology including the use of quality seedlings and potted plants for seasonal vegetables.
    • To educate the children on the superior taste and reduced costs of incorporating these techniques of organic farming into their lives.

      CCM Tree Plantation and Integrated Farming

      It is a project created to help the environment and teach our children and the surrounding communities the importance and responsibility of caring for our environment.

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