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Our Activities

Legal Awareness Program

On the 5th of April 2019, DLSA organized One Day Legal Awareness Program at CCM KathikhoKarong, on the topic of CHILD RIGHTS. The program started with a keynote address from CCM President, Robin Raomai followed by choreography and a special song from CCM children. After which the resource person speaks about the JJ Act, POCSO, CHILD RIGHTS, and WELFARE OF PARENTS AND WELFARE OF ELDER CITIZEN. Smt. A. Nantunesharani Devi, District Section Judge Cum Senapati District Legal Services Authority Chairperson for your willing heart to donate a TV set for our destitute children. On 4th – 5th November Child Welfare 

Officer (CWO) join a two-day legal awareness program organized by Lungnila Elizabeth School of Social Work, Senapati, and District Legal Services Authority, Senapati in celebration and remembrance of the 16th Death Anniversary of Baby Lungnila Elizabeth who was brutally killed. So, the schools want to create an awareness program for all the people and make the children’s life secure. The Chief Guest of the program was Shri Somojit Salam, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Senapati, Guest of Honor was Shri M. Pradip Singh, IPS, Superintendent of Police, Senapati & the chief host of the program was Shri Francis Ngajokpa, Former Minister. The resources person of the program was Mrs. Koshia Mao, People prosecutor, Senapati, she shares on the topic of Child-Friendly Legal Service and Protection & Mr. P. Livingstone Chairperson Child Welfare Committee, Senapati, he shares on the topic of Victim Trafficking and sexual Exploitation Schemes.

Trip and Training Program for staff

 A staff of CCM visits Moreh, at the Indo-Myanmar border, as a trip for the staff. A total number of 9 staff went on a trip. In 2019, the Staff of SAA and CCI superintendents attended a training program on Imphal. The resource person speaks about how to function SAA and the process of Adoption, new models of SAA regulation, Articles of Adoption giving in the Articles, etc.

Awareness Program

A team of MANEDA visited CCM for an awareness program. Staff from Innocence Smile schools, CHILDLINE Senapati visit CCM. The resource person speaks about inclusive education, types of disability that are very common in the Senapati District, how to identify the disabilities, and how to treat special needs children. They also give awareness on CHILDLINE number its use and who can call the CHILDLINE. On 25th Sept 2019, CHILDLINE staff came to CCM to have an interaction with the staff of CCM and give awareness about the CHILDLINE and its service. The coordinator and staff of the CHILDLINE also discuss organization competition of drawing, song, choreography, painting, etc. in CCM to encourage the children and also give the children about different kinds of child rights, etc.

Training for the Trauma

Attended two days of training of the trainers organized by the needed association Senapati District. The training was about trauma.

Vacation Children’s Camp

CCM organized a Vacation Children’s Camp with the theme: “Dare to Change.” Various groups came to the camp and challenged the children to embrace necessary changes for the better. The children and staff are grateful for the opportunity to embark on this venture. The camp ended successfully.

Other Events

A family came to CCM to celebrate the birthday of their children with our CCM children. Army commanders from Maram also came to visit the children and bring some fruits for the children. On the 10th of November, CCM children were taken for a picnic in Ecological Garden Mayangkha.CCM. The staff of the CCM along with the children had a great day at Ecological garden. On the 27th of February, the president of CCM was invited as a guest of honor in celebration of two days social work fest organized by Maram Don Bosco College, Department of Social work with the theme “Connecting young minds for change”.

Cultural Program

On Oct 5th, 2019 a state-level cultural program in Imphal was organized by Manipur Alliance for Child Rights. The children of CCM perform Pouma Naga cultural dance.

Various Competition

A team of CHILDLINE Senapati came to CCM to organize various competitions to encourage the children and give them awareness through the competition. The competition includes drawing, song, dance, choreography, etc. Prizes are distributed for all the events. 

Health Awareness Camp

A doctor of MANADA came to CCM to give health awareness to children. The topic includes injury which consists of open wounds and closed wounds. The doctor further taught the children about best first aid practices. 


A team of Sunbrid Trust, sponsored by Kurl On donated blankets to all the children of CCM. Miss Barak also came to CCM to interact with the children and donated rice, dal, sweets, eggs, sugar, sanitary napkins, etc. They also encourage the children to dream big.

State Level Workshop

CCM attended one-day state-level workshop/consultation in Manipur on child and adolescent psychiatry and mental health, focusing on caring for children with mental disorders organized by NCPCR in collaboration with MCPCR facilitated by Seva Bharti, Manipur.

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